The creation of culture, passing down the memory, offer opportunities.  These are the main aims of the Club of the 27 and the initiatives are based on these principles.  Starting with the young, new generations to whom the magic of Verdi’s music is explained.  Young talents have the chance of visibility. Never forgetting the evocative celebrations which every year remember the extraordinary life of the great Maestro.

All this, and more, is the Club of the 27.

Projects of the Club

Verdi celebrations

Every year the Club organizes a series of activities to celebrate the birth and death of Verdi.

“Do you know Verdi ?”

The competition for classes in the last two years of primary school.

Fuoco di Gioia (Firework of Joy)

Every year the association organizes a prestigious charity concert which attracts famous singers from all over the world.

The young for Verdi

The concert created by the Club to allow young singers to try out their skill in Verdi arias.

The Knights of Verdi

The Club of the 27 gives recognition to people who have distinguished themselves in terms of spreading knowledge and appreciation of the works of the great Maestro.